What Is Success?

People, young or old, poor or wealthy are asking, pondering and or wondering about the question of what success really is. Their questions are more disturbing as what they have seen and considered to be success have turned awry in the middle or the end and most times turned into a curse.

Most answers they have received are either tainted by poor philosophy wherewith success is defined according to personal concept other than from a universally acceptable point of view.  In most cases, the definitions are situational other than on well founded standards.

Many see success in terms of personal acquisition of cash, physical assets and popularity or being in the eye of the public as a happening man or woman.

Success in life is not about volume of money, assets and being in the public gallery.  In fact, there are more thieves with lots of money, assets and about town than there are genuinely successful people.  Success has nothing to do with rigging elections and being declared winner thereby fraudulently obtaining the stewardship of public funds by politicians and godfathers and stealing the public trust to enrich oneself.

Success has much more to do with the creation of value for the society through one’s mental, physical and emotional capacity.  These may result in a good life including cash, assets and popularity for the man or woman at the center of it all and his or her loved ones, value for society and support for the development of the human species into a more cultured element.

The mixture of proper mental, physical and emotional capacity may produce for those involved, money, property and popularity, but these are not the centre of success but aspects thereof.

What a man or woman become after their efforts at living a good life of service and giving is more at the core of success in life than in all the material attainments that could be.  If after all a man or woman can do, he did not become a well cultured, humane and peaceful being, his or her efforts have resulted into a waste of time and energy.  So success is more associated with what we become ultimately over and above what we accumulated in terms of material wealth and cash.

Only those who live a life of service and giving live forever in our hearts and our history.  A look into the history of mankind would show that millions of men and women have risen in the world making and living big, building material wealth.  Today, only a handful of such people are remembered even by people in their lineage, three or four generations after.

Think about it.


2 thoughts on “What Is Success?

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  2. Success is relative and measured by individual goals and aspirations. Success is a thing of the mind and like figerprints, its unique to individuals. It could be University Degree, Managerial position in the organization, a new house, new car, etc.

    Measuring success by way of giving back to the society, being respectful, charitable, making a change in the life of fellow human, or etc is however not popular at least for now.

    We can all include in our goals for 2013 to help others, put a smile on the face of others, teach or coach someone. Just show love just because!

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